Saturday, March 1, 2014

crazy4daisies {The Stamps of Life}

Okay friends, how funky and fun are these flowers? I created today's card using a new stamp set called crazy4daisies, from The Stamps of Life.  There's an outline stamp, plus solid shapes that coordinate, allowing you to create any color (or colors) of flower you want.  I used my Stephanie Barnard Clearsnap inks, and inked up each flower petal in a bright color. Because this card is totally flat, it's perfect for mailing. I am always happy to have a cute fun card, that doesn't look like it's lacking anything, just because it's FLAT.

Here's a quick storage idea: I store my "flat cards" in a separate bin from my bulky ones. That way, if I'm pulling a card to mail, vs. pulling a card to hand deliver, I know just what to grab. In fact, I keep my cards-to-mail downstairs near the postage stamps and envelopes. The bulky cards are stored upstairs with giftwrap and bags.

Another fairly flat card, definitely mailable. On this card I stamped the crazy daisies onto patterned paper, trimmed them, and layered it. 

There are all kinds of cute samples in the TSOL gallery, so please go check them out! You can find these stamps, plus all the inks I used in The Stamps of Life shop.  And hey - did you know you can find tons of TSOL inspiration on The Stamps of Life Pinterest board

Thanks so much for stopping by! Doing anything fun in this fine, new month of March? I'd love to know what you're up to! xoxo


Sue said...

Far out! I feel like I need to go find my 70's bell bottom pants and flash you the peace sign! Love the funkiness of the first card.

Sharon in NE said...

Love those bright colors.
I'm surprised I haven't run across the Stamps of Life pinterest board before...ack...I'll never get dinner on the table. tee hee.