Monday, November 24, 2014

Go-to Gal Blog Hop {Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking magazine}

I've already talked a bit about Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking magazine coming to a close. Us Go-to Gals decided to take today to celebrate the magazine, the editors, and our time as Go-to partners in crime, with a little blog hop. (Because blog hops - well, it's what we do, y'all.) 

I'll admit - I didn't create this card especially for today's blog post. It's been sitting in a file for quite some time actually. I was just fooling around with Paper Smooches dies and some patterned papers, and this card came together. And I kinda loved it. So I hoarded it and saved it for the perfect pub call, or the perfect day. Today. Is. That. Day.

I've already shared my sadness and my reflections about the magazine. . . . today, what I'd really like to say is THANK YOU. It's fitting that this week we'll celebrate Thanksgiving, because although I'm feeling lost and incredibly disappointed at the loss of our magazine, I'm overwhelmingly thankful.

Sweet editors, past and present:
Thank you. . . 
for accepting that first card for publication, in 2008. It started something kinda magical!
for invitations to magazine assignments. for trusting my art, and for trusting me as a reliable designer.
for the invitation to try out to become a Go-to Gal. (It was epic to receive even that.)
for THE phone call. for knocking my socks off in surprise.
for bringing together all kinds of people who have become crafty, kind, beautiful friends, and otherwise wouldn't have probably ever known each other.
again, for trusting my art, and for trusting ME with the responsibility.
for making me laugh till I cry on a regular basis.
for stressing me out with scary assignments that I'm not sure I can do.
for giving me the opportunity to prove to myself that i CAN.
for being my cheerleaders and my coaches every step of the way.
for ridiculous hashtags like #poundsign and #swine 
for TEACHING me. (Seriously, every time I have a conversation with Jennifer, I learn something.)
for laughing at me. for helping me understand that I'm a pretty okay person, with something to offer.
for trips to Utah. Kind of a highlight of my adult life. (Is that bad? I mean, my family tops my highlights list, but after that. . .well. . . .editorial board meetings in Utah. It's right up there.) 
for snowy (early) mornings at Starbucks. #earlybirdsrock

Dear Go-to Gals:
Thank you. . .
for inspiring me.
for laughing at me.
for doing hilarious things that i can laugh at. (Betsy. Dishwasher detergent. Enough said.)
for becoming fast and fierce friends.
for being dependable, available practically 24 hours a day, and for completely GETTING me.
for teaching me. so very VERY many things I've learned from you!
for your extreme generosity and kind hearts.
dang we work well together, don't we? 

I'm thankful that we're all just an email or text away from each other, as always. Things will never be the same again. But the friends I've made, are still my friends whether there's a magazine or not. And for that, I am MOST thankful of all!

Please head around to visit the other Go-to Gals participating today. . . (Laina is on a cruise in the Caribbean, so we've decided to let her off the hook today.


Jill said...

Your post here is so spot on-just fab! Such a delighful group of people and publications. Thank you for celebrating your friends-so fun to hear! :)

Kimberly Crawford said...

And I had to save yours for last...I knew that you would bring me to tears with your beautiful heart shining through your beautiful words.
I am thankful for this adventure because I got to meet you. And became your friend. How lucky am I?!?!?
You are stuck with me. The freak outs, the panics, the why do boys do THAT all. :)
I love you my dear friend.

maria f. said...

Wonderful post, Laura.