Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Get Well Soon (and stay that way!)

I have a child in preschool. If you know anything about children who are in preschool, well, you know they can't keep their fingers out of their mouths and noses. They cough on their friends. Their teachers. Their parents. Their siblings. They wipe their fingers (and we know where they've been) on their friends. Their teachers. Their parents. Their siblings. So when they start to cough, and sneeze, and their noses start to run, well. . . it's futile. I have one child who's been coughing for a month, in varying degrees. (Presently he's hacking and dripping and sneezing and he can't breathe. It's not pretty.) The other one just keeps missing a day here and there. . .like one day a week. It's getting old. I'm thankful, beyond thankful, that it's just colds and tummy bugs that we are facing, and not anything much, much worse. So I'll count my many blessings. 
And in honor of the occasion, a get well soon card. I created the sentiment on the computer. Then I added the dots with a white pen. I want to say this paper is from My Mind's Eye, but I'm not sure. 

So now, I'll finish my Airborne "cocktail". (I'm not kidding, my husband and I just toasted with cups of Airborne.) Then, I'll grab the Lysol in one hand, and Clorox wipes in the other hand, and scrub everything in sight. Because ain't nobody got time for this sickness business. Stay healthy, my friends! Thanks for stopping by!


Susan aka Mimi said...

UGH...sickness in the house this time of year is a major drag! Hopefully EVERYONE will recover asap and feel super healthy for the reminder of the year!

Celeste Goff said...

What a beautiful card! Love the pp and that great wood veneer flourish!