Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The making of Hello Love - from sketch to stamp {Fun Stampers Journey}

Hello lovely friends! Last week I shared a scrapbook layout that I created using the Hello Love stamp set, and I mentioned that I drew the sentiments for this set. Today, I thought I'd share two cards that I created, using this stamp and die I found my sketches that I originally drew. 

I have to tell is really REALLY cool to have stamps that look and feel so much like ME. And I'm thrilled with the images that were paired with my words, because somehow even those feel like ME, even though I had nothing to do with creating them! 

From the sketches, you can see that I did a lot of writing things over and over, playing with different shapes, and swirls to make the letters just how I wanted. The purple one is the one that became the final version, after some tweaking on the computer. I am a doodler at heart, and writing swirly words and letters is something I've done pretty much forever, on the margins of paper and on the backs of my school notebooks. So to see something actually come from all that random doodling, is quite satisfying! 

 For the two cards I created for today, I kept pretty much the same layout, and I stuck with the same colors. I try and create two cards each time I sit down with a pile of supplies. Everything is already out and ready, and sometimes figuring out what to use is the hardest part. So I just keep going. I love the coordinating dies for the sentiments in this stamp set. It's fun to pop up the sentiment on top of a patterned background.
You can find all of the supplies I used on the Fun Stampers Journey website. FSJ sells high quality red rubber stamps, with cling back and indexing. They're all ready to pop onto acrylic blocks and stamp stamp stamp! Thanks so much for coming by! Have a beautiful day! xoxo


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