Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh Christmas trees. . .and red wine spills. ..

Christmas is creeping closer and closer, isn't it!!??? I am in the mad dash to get ready for B's birthday party, as well as the holiday festivities! Someday (some YEAR) I will figure out how to balance the birthday as well as Christmas all in one month. I don't think it will be THIS year that I get it figured out though!!! To add to my delight, last night I spilled an entire glass of red wine on our beige living room carpet! ACK! Thank goodness for my sweetie pie Angie, and her steam cleaner! And thank goodness for my sweetie pie husband who went out to pick it up at 8:00 last night!!! I think we have most of it out. (And now we are going to go ahead and clean the rest of the carpet tonight!)
But to get back on track. . . I have two more cards from Apron Strings to share with you today. These cards are both using the BasicGrey goodies included in the December kit.
Two Christmas trees. . .using the same paper, but they look pretty different. This paper is really versatile. You could come up with a lot of interesting shapes and designs with it!!!
And I must say, Lynn made an excellent observation on my last blog post. I complained all autumn long about the hot weather. . .and in my last post, I might have complained just a touch about the COLD weather while we were in SeaWorld. SO, to clarify . . .I LOVE cold weather - just not cold DRIPPING WET weather, especially when one is not prepared for it. (And in our defense, up until the 11:00 news, the night before, the weather was SUPPOSED to be perfect - except that the front stalled, which is why we were slightly unprepared!)
And now. . .back to work!!!


Lynn said...

Okay, I guess you're right. Actually, there's nothing like cold rain to take away some of the fun. Love the cards today, by the way.


PS: Check out my blog for a Christmas tree made out of small bits of gorgeous papers. Easy peasy!

Anonymous said...

Love your cards, especially the tree one!! Sooo cute! The buttons rock! And spilling an entire glass of red wine!? Ack! You may be my long lost sister.. ;) LOL!!

Carly said...

These are fabulous!! Love them!

Lisa H. said...

I'm sooo loving these! man, why have I not stopped by in so long. great work as always!