Monday, January 17, 2011

the butterfly confession

I'll admit it - I'm NOT a huge butterfly fan. They are fine and dandy - but not generally my cup of tea. (That being said, there ARE some quite cute butterfly stamps and things out there - in fact, I ironically have more butterflies to share later in the week. And they are CUTE!) I don't really get excited about butterflies in real life, other than when talking to my toddler, saying, "Ooooh, look at the BUTTERFLY!" But in real life - EH. (I know, I'm a terrible person - who the heck doesn't like BUTTERFLIES!?)

But here's the thing. I LOVE to cut little things out of paper. Tiny scissors, tiny cuts, cute little shapes . . . . .so in this case, I am really digging the butterflies on this card. And the colors are gorgeous, on this new Close To My Heart paper, called Wings. If by some chance you visit my mom's blog, you've already seen these two cards - but I know most of you don't, so I thought I'd post them over here today!
I love the new pleated twill ribbon - no sewing or stitching required. It comes all ready to go. Which is good, because I have no sewing machine, and no patience to sit and pleat ribbon. This is easy peasy.

I hope you are off today, and able to enjoy your extra long weekend. We are starting the day with pouring down rain. . . .should make for some messy wet errands, and stir-crazy kids! Wooohooo!!!! Have a wonderful day, whatever you're doing. Thanks so much for coming by to see me today! I hope you'll be back - even though you know my deep dark secret about butterflies!


Linda said...

Love them both but really love the second card. Grrat colors! TFS!

Sue said...

Love your cards! Love this pp!

We got almost 4" of much needed rain yesterday while I crafted the day away.

Keri Lee Sereika said...

Perhaps you are not a big butterfly fan but you sure do wonderful work with them Laura! I MISS YOU AND YOUR WORK!!!! Gorgeous my long lost friend!