Tuesday, May 10, 2011

disney world!!!

Here are a few cute pictures from the first half of our Disney World adventures! In case you're planning a trip, here are a few of my top tips (especially if you are going with kids!)

ICE WATER. It's FREE.  Seriously.  Disney actually gives something away for FREE. Some people say the water tastes terrible there, but I am pretty darn picky about water, and I thought it was fine at all of the places we went.  We brought single-serving powdered drink mixes, but we hardly used any of them.  I'm glad we had them though! We stopped and got cups of ice water all the time. (It's FREE!!!!)

We brought a lot of snacks for the kids, and it helped our budget a LOT! We put drinkable yogurts, string cheese, and Capri Suns in the freezer in our hotel room, and just brought a little lunchbox cooler with us.  We froze some water bottles too.  That, plus some granola bars and cereal, and the kids were good to go!  I don't normally have string cheese and GoGurt in the house, so Bryce still felt like he was getting treats, even though they were a fraction of the cost of Disney treats!!! (And of course we DID get SOME treats from Disney! Gotta have a Mickey ice cream bar!)

Make meal reservations WAYYY in advance.  We booked our meals a month in advance, and still weren't able to get everything exactly when/where we wanted.  Although it all ended up perfect, and we were really happy with how things turned out.

When you go to Hollywood Studios, everyone and their brother's sister's girlfriend's cousin, will be heading STRAIGHT for the new Toy Story ride - just go ahead and get a Fast Pass because by the time you get there, the line will be an hour long. (You do NOT want to miss that ride though! It was SO much fun!)

So there's my little recap! I might share a few more pictures later on in the week!

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Nancy said...

Did Bryce love the Cars character (if that is what you call it?)