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Sparkly Snowflake Garland tutorial

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Maya Road's new chipboard snowflakes are the perfect base for holiday projects.  Today I'd like to share a sparkly snowflake garland that I created to hang in my dining room.
snowflake garland tutorial by laura williams, for
You're going to love this supply list, because you may just have almost everything you need, already in your stash.  There are tons of ways to alter this project to suit your taste, and color scheme.  I stuck to an iredescent white and silver color scheme.  But this would be gorgeous in any metallic color - or maybe even an icy blue!  So I'll share some of the items I used, and I'll also share some suggestions that you might want to try.  
Maya Road large chipboard snowflakes - This goes without saying.  It's the only thing you really *need* to get this project started!
Paint - any kind of craft acrylic paint (or even spray paint for that matter) will work.  This Pearl Metallic Acrylic by Adirondack would be fabulous. 
Glitter and Glam - I used Stickles to coat my snowflakes after painting them, and then added a shake (or two or ten) of actual glitter on top.  Use whatever glittery goodness you like!  I added some details withGlitter Dots by Mark Richards.
For a little extra character, I strung Crystal 8mm round beads by Jolee,  between my snowflakes, 
You'll also need a hot glue gun and some string, twine, or wire - whatever you'd like your garland to hang from.

Alright, let's get started!  In the package of chipboard, you'll find matching larger and smaller snowflakes.  Match them up, layer them together, and adhere with adhesive. In this picture, you can see the already sandwiched pairs at the top left, and the final pair to be adhered, in the bottom right.
Next, paint the snowflakes.  I only painted the front side, because the back side of my garland will be hidden. 
snowflake tutorial by laura williams,

After the paint  dried, I squirted some Stickles onto each snowflake and spread it around with a small paint brush.  Before it dried, I shook some sparkly glitter all over it. (And yes, my entire house is coated in glitter now. It's very . . . festive.)  I'm thinking some of this amazing Sparkle Mod Podge over the entire top would have been a great final step to seal it all in.
snowflake garland tutorial, by laura williams, for
Next step. . .wait for everything to dry. Completely. Then flip over your snowflakes, and spread them out.  This first image shows how I threaded some beads on, in between each snowflake, and the way I "blobbed" some hot glue on the back of each to adhere white string.
snowflake garland tutorial, by laura williams, for
I used a Tsquare and decided that I wanted my snowflakes to be 6 inches apart.  So as I glued, I simply measured 6 inches from the center of one snowflake to the next, (making sure the beads were in between!)
snowflake garland tutorial, by laura williams, for

And here is the finished product! It's perfect hanging from my china cabinet:

snowflake garland tutorial, by laura williams, for

snowflake garland tutorial, by laura williams for
Now, I'd like to share one more little tip that I figured out.  As I was hanging my garland, I thought I had made a MAJOR error.  Some of the snowflakes were tipping, and not laying the way I wanted them to.  I could have CRIED at that point.  But I found a solution (completely by accident.)  Use some small pieces of poster putty, and stick them to the bottom of the backside on each snowflake.  It works like a little weight on each one, to hold it straight up and down.  Adjust as necessary, with more or less putty until they hang correctly. PHEW! 
Have a sparkly, festive season, filled with glitter and glue! (After all, isn't that what the holidays are about?!)
snowflake tutorial by laura williams, for

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