Friday, July 17, 2015

A Fun Recap - Part 1 {Fun Stampers Journey}

Hello friends! Today I thought I would catch you all up on the past few months of my less frequent blog posts. I haven't blogged much, because I've been busy crafting my face off. Just to prove it, I thought I'd share a bunch of my projects that I've been making.

So, in March I got this sweet job with Richard Garay, at Fun Stampers Journey. My job is to just MAKE STUFF. (Hello, how awesome is that!?) I spend crafty time creating at home, and then I mail my completed projects to the FSJ office in Phoenix. Then, they photograph the projects and use them wherever they need them, sometimes for blog features, and social media posts, and sometimes for conventions and events across the country. But because I just box them up and mail them, I don't always have photos to share - which is why I've been an absentee blogger for much of the time lately. Today I took some time and grabbed photos from around the web, to share with you. (Special thanks to FSJ for most of these photos!) So, would you like to see what I've been up to?!

First up, a wedding ensemble created for the FSJ blog. (You can find more photos of this on the blog post.) The second photo is the inside of the folder with the ribbon/flower closure. 

Next, another wedding project. I created this garland using the sweet jar from the Homemade stamp set. (More photos and information on the FSJ blog.)
These two cards were created with one of my new favorite stamp sets. I demoed the card on the left, at the Going Places Convention in June. Eek! Being up on stage crafting was so nerve-wracking!)

Next, a graduation card - although it could be used for many celebratory occasions! I love the way this came together, and it's a perfect way to use small scraps of cardstock! (You can find a coordinating project and more info on the FSJ blog post!) And the card below is another card that I demoed at the Going Places Convention. 

And last but not least, I thought I'd leave you with a little sneak peek of something I made just recently. This one hit the FSJ office a few days ago, featuring the Yummy & Delicious Collection.  

All of the product on these projects is available online, and from a Fun Stampers Journey Coach. On the website, you can use the Find a Coach feature (at the top of the page) and you may even find someone local to you! Many coaches offer classes, Make It! parties, and workshops. You can also peruse the catalog online. (Many of my projects are in there too! So fun!)

 Thanks so much for stopping by today. And thanks for letting me share a very small peek at what I've been up to! I still have a few more projects I'd love to share - so check back next week and we'll do this again! I think I've made more projects in the last three months, than I have in a year!  xoxo

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Christine Pennington said...

Hello pretty lady! Awesomeness on your cards. Of course I love em' all! Your designs make my job as a coach so much sweeter. Thanks for all that you do. Hugs. Christine Pennington, Coach 87