Monday, October 3, 2016

Reach For The Stars: Using Product Creatively {FSJ}

Hello friends! Raise your hand if you have a crafty stash that seems to be the size of Mt. Everest. (Yeah, I see ya'll...and don't worry, my hand is raised too!) Raise your hand if despite that mountain of delicious craftiness, there's still something you're missing. (Yeah...same here.) 

Today's card shows off a creative solution to my "missing product." I wonder if you can figure out what the "missing product and it's creative solution" is. Take a gander.....any guesses?

Okay, give up? Or maybe you guessed it? I was wishing and searching for some kind of lined paper. I wanted a little notepad sheet. I was content with lined paper or grid paper. And I had none. No stamp, no printed stock with lines or grids. But I did have that fabulous pad of Grid Paper that you see in this photo. It's a great big pad that I use on my work surface, and tear off the top sheet whenever it's just too messy to work on. BINGO! I trimmed a rectangle of grid paper, and then I punched holes along the side. I snipped from each hole to the side of my paper, just like a spiral notebook, and then fluffed the edges a bit to make it look more realistic. I am so happy with my creative solution! 

After my brainstorm, I just layered up some other fun elements, and BAM, called it done. A simple solution for a fun card. So, do tell - did you know what my missing product was? Comment and let me know what you thought! And then, think about what YOUR missing product is - can you create it with your own Mt. Everest of crafty goodness? (I bet you can!) Thanks so much for stopping by!!! xoxo

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Rose Curtis said...

super cute Laura, I love your lined paper too!