Friday, November 4, 2016

Easy Christmas Card Workshop {FSJ)

Hello friends!!! Tonight I'm going to a women's craft night at my church. We've asked everyone to just bring whatever craft they enjoy working on, and maybe a snack to share, for some fellowship and fun. We'll have some extra projects for anyone who isn't sure what to bring...or who isn't particularly crafty. The project I'm in charge of is a simple Christmas card that we'll be creating to send to our homebound church members, who can't be with us in person at the church. I've promised the ladies, that even if they're intimidated by card-making, or they say "I'm just not crafty,"  that I will hold their hand, and walk them through - ANYONE can create this card. I promise.  I thought I'd share my plans in case you'd like to plan a holiday card-making evening with a group of friends - even if they "aren't crafty", you'll win them over with this one! 

Each person will receive a zip top bag with these items in it. I've done almost all of the prep work for this, but depending on your group, you could let them do the stamping or die-cutting if you'd like. Everything in my kits is precut, embossed, stamped, and die-cut. I even included the foam squares they'll need. (The only thing on the table will be some regular adhesive.)

I've also created a little step-by-step board for the ladies to look at as they work. I'll be right there to walk them through the steps as well, but this gives them a visual of how to assemble it. By looking at the board, and listening to me, they'll be able to figure out the basic steps: 
Step 1: adhere the embossed rectangle on top of the card
Step 2: tie a twine bow around the banner
Step 3: adhere banner to card
Step 4: apply foam squares to the dove and sentiment
Step 5: adhere them to the card

SEE? I told you - SUPER simple, but quite lovely! I know these cards will mean a lot to our church members that we don't often get to see - and I know the ladies tonight will enjoy creating something special! I'm going to bring some extra goodies, just in case I convert some of those "non-crafty" ladies into paper crafters, and they want to create MORE! :)

As an extra little tidbit, I wanted to show you a few options for creating the banner I used on this card. If you don't have a banner this size, there are two ways to die-cut them, depending on the dies you DO have. 

Option one: I have a banner die but it's much wider than what I want for this card. Just trim paper the desired width, and place it in the center of the die. 

Option two: I don't have a banner die, but I do have a square (or rectangle die.) Trim paper the desired width, then place the corner of the die centered and diagonal towards the bottom of paper to create the angle.

Thanks so very much for stopping by today! If you have any questions about how you can organize a fun card-making evening, let me know. I'm happy to help! xoxo

Fun Stampers Journey supplies used on this project:

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Nancy Durant said...

I love your instruction for these! You make it all so easy and awesome!