Monday, November 21, 2016

November planner plans

Helllllllllo friends! Happy ALMOST THANKSGIVING! 
I'm popping in this week to share a little planner love. I'll admit I am NOT one of those carry-a-planner-around kinda girls. I don't realllllly even keep a planner updated. But every once in a while I jump on the bandwagon and get crafty with my planner. 

This is the page I did for November. I wanted to keep it clean and simple and not too busy, because when it's crazy and filled to the brim...I can't think. (And that defeats the purpose of keeping a planner.) I kept a subtle color palette, which really makes me happy. (I know, that sounds weird coming from this COLOR-obsessed girl!) This November page will serve more as a memory-keeper for the main events of our month. A lot more happened than I have shown here, but these are the events I want to remember the most! To make it easy, I stamped some of the cute banners and shapes ahead of time, on cardstock, and then trimmed them and wrote the information on them as I went along. I used the Tape It stamp set to add some simple washi tape stripes throughout. 

Next up - I got my COLOR on. Phew! This is one of the week-at-a-glance pages, and I created it for the week of the Be Amazing Tour in Orlando last week. LOTS of color and stampy, stickery goodness on this page. The glittered Be Amazing stickers are so sparkly (without the mess) and I love them! (And don't get me started on our new gel pens.....oh my loveliness, they are AMAZING!) I stamped up a storm on this page, using the Journey Days planner stamps. So many fun tiny designs and shapes and words - OH MY!

Be SURE to check out the Journey Days Buffet promotion going on now at Fun Stampers Journey. You can score a pretty great bundle of planner goodies for 2017! You can choose the planner, the inserts, a stamp set, and accessories all for a great price! Woohoo! Let's go rock 2017! xoxo


Wilma said...

Thanks so much for sharing this. I've been wondering what to do with a planner, as I keep everything on my iPhone these days, plus I'm retired now. But your November page gave me an idea! Every year I struggle, trying to remember what the heck happened during the year as I write my Christmas letter. If I get a planner (and keep it up!!) I'll KNOW. Thanks again!

Nancy Durant said...

Very inspiring, Laura! It's a planner and then it will turn in to a perfectly creative diary!