Monday, June 10, 2024

Surprise Someone With This Fun Fold {Exploding Envelope} Birthday Card!

Let's make a super cute handmade fun fold card that's perfect for birthdays and celebrations! Today's card starts with an envelope - but the surprise is that the envelope IS the card! Whether you like to make envelopes with a scoring board, a metal die, or a template and scissors, you can make this fun fold birthday card today!

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There are lots of ways to make your own envelopes to coordinate with handmade cards. Created from cardstock, patterned paper, or recycled magazines, the possibilities (and sizes) are endless. Scoring boards are a great option for creating envelopes, as well as die cutting, and stencils/templates that make a variety of envelopes. Once you cut out your envelope shape, you're all set to make this fun fold exploding envelope card!
I like to use my scoring board for envelopes. You'll find my simple envelope tutorial, using a scoring board, HERE. Start there to learn how to make the base of this envelope card.

Whether you start with a scored, die cut, or hand cut envelope - you'll do everything except adhere the envelope flaps together. And that, my friends - is your card base! How simple is that? Let's take a look at some ideas for decorating your exploding envelope card.
Think about the surface of this new card base as one whole shape - don't just decorate the center, decorate the flaps too. To create this idea, die cut a rectangle to make a little pocket in the center for a gift card. This becomes your focal point to decorate around. Add all your favorite stamps and dies to embellish. I started with some stamped stars in the background. Then I added die cut and stamped balloons and gifts to fancy it up! 
When you're all done with the inside, simply fold it up (remember, no glue!) and add a ribbon or twine to hold the envelope closed. Add a fun tag and some more stamping or embellishing if you'd like. 

Today is Theme Day on the Impression Obsession blog and we're celebrating BIRTHDAYS! Be sure to stop at the IO blog for a list of all the designers with birthday inspiration to share! 

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