Wednesday, May 20, 2009

from Springy. . .to Spooky!

You know me, not always creating cards for the present season!!! This is a fun little Halloween card I made for the October CARDS Magazine call. . .they didn't want it. . .so here you go - enjoy!
I used some really neat SEI patterned paper . . .really fun stuff to work with! It worked perfectly with these Unity Stamps (the spider, the little web, and the word SPOOKY.)

Today we are heading from my parents' house in South Florida, to Orlando for tomorrow's set-up at Scrapbook Expo. My mom has the Close To My Heart booth there, so the men will unload the truck, and then us girls will set up the booth. Then on Friday, I'll do a little SHOPPING!!!! I usually go with quite a list of goodies to look for. . .this year, I don't have too much in mind. Definitely want to find some of the cute new stuff from Pebbles Inc, (like THIS and THIS) and I am in serious need of more STICKLES!!!!

Okay. . .back to the fun and games of vacation!!!
Have a great day!!


Yvette said...

CARDS did not want this card??? This is soooo cute!!!

Sounds like you will be having lots of fun with your mom in Orlando! Ohh How I would LOVE to go to a scrapbook expo! :)

jamie said...

hey laura, cute card, have a great time with your mom tell her i said hi :)