Sunday, October 18, 2009

Boo! CPS #138

I could scream. I could just SCREAM. Don't you hate it when Blogger eats your post? I had the whole thing DONE. Hit PUBLISH. And Blogger ate it.
So here's what I said - I rambled on. . .I told you all about Shimmerz, CPS's sponsor this week. . .and their sparkly shiny paint (that I put on my plain black chipboard letters, and black cardstock.) I told you all about our two trips to the pumpkin patch. I told you how we are going trick-or-treating at the zoo on Thursday, and a Fall Festival on Friday AND Sunday. And how I am going to cook something in the crockpot today. And how I am off to get a cinnamon broom from the grocery to make my house smell wonderful and autumn-y. (And how they were sold out the first two times I tried to buy it.) I told you all sorts of wonderful pointless information about my life.
But Blogger ate it.
I hate that. (But I love you! Thanks for stopping by!)


Christi Snow said...

aw, (((((hugs)))) Laura about your post, but this one is rather funny! Gorgeous card! I hope that you are doing well. smiles..

Tami Mayberry said...

I think you should tell it again :P

Crystal said...

Sorry about your post...blogger must have thought it was but it does make this post much more entertaining!