Friday, December 11, 2009

Joy is. . .

Joy is . . . my mom coming to town today!
Joy is . . . .being DONE with a certain 5 year old's birthday party tomorrow. (Is that bad??) ;)
Joy is. . . .the cool weather outside, which makes it FEEL like Christmastime!
Joy is. . . .chocolate mint truffle creamer for my coffee beverages!
Joy is. . . . .clean sheets on my bed.
Joy is. . . .this day!

Have a wonderful day, and a terrific weekend!!! Lots of holiday festivities this weekend, aren't there? (And birthday festivities in this house!) I'll be sure to share pictures of the robot cake and decorations after I finish them!!!



scrappingnana said...

Love your JOY card. Simple but nice. Hope you have anice weekend and wonderful BD party for your son. Say hi to your mom for me.

Michelle said...

I really like this simple, but effective, card.

Enjoy the party! AND the 'whew, it's over' joy. ;-)

TheresainMS said...

Love this card; the uncluttered style is all the more effective with that punch of red joy. Great design and use of color.

Good luck with the b'day party and I know you'll enjoy your mother's visit. Hope the two of you have time to really talk with everything else going on.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Giveaway underway! Come by and visit anytime :-)

Lea L. said...

Totally love this Laura....the clean and graphic feel of it is fab!!