Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fun with triangles (TSOL)

This card makes me feel so springy! I used The {Stamps} of Life May set on this card . . .the banner set - remember? (You can see Banners4All here!) The banners can be used for so much more!!! I used one to create this fun triangle pattern. Since the stamps are clear, it's super easy to line it all up and get everything in the right spot. (Or close enough anyway!) The sentiment also comes with the stamp set - I think I'll be using it a lot! Cute little size, and super clean and easy-to-read font!!!

Yesterday I had THE best treat . . .. going to my little man's school for Muffins With Mom - way to melt a mama's heart - good grief! It was ADORABLE. The kids all painted their mom's portrait, on little canvases. And we all had to guess who was who's mom. (Talk about stress!!!! We were all just concerned with guessing ourselves correctly, so as not to crush our child's spirit!!) We had breakfast treats to eat; Bryce even asked what I wanted, and fixed my plate for me! It was just adorable. Such fun!!!

If you are a mama, or if you have a mama. .. .I hope you enjoy your day, and give thanks for your mom! Whether she's in your life or not, she GAVE you life . . .so give thanks! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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scrappingnana said...

Very pretty card. Love the colors. Happy Mother's Day to you and to your mom.