Sunday, September 26, 2010

Monstrously Super! :)

This Sassafras Lass monster, from the Monstrosity collection, was begging for some green fuzzy Flower Soft! Isn't he cute and furry???? ;) This card is for this week's CPS sketch (and Flower Soft is our sponsor!) I was a little stumped by this sketch at first. . .but I like how this card turned out! I think it will be perfect for some little guy's (or a big guy's) birthday card.

I can't believe tomorrow morning is MONDAY already!!! My parents are here for a quick visit, and I am looking forward to a day of hanging out with them! I hope your Monday is fabulous. I'll be back in a day or two with something new to share, and at the start of the new month - LOTS to share! I've been BUSY!!!


(card goodies: stickers - Sassafras Lass, Sage Flower Soft, cardstock - Discount Cardstock (Intense Kiwi Prismatic)


Michelle said...

FUN card! The colors, layout, and, of course, the fuzzy green monster are all fabulous together.

Saskia said...

Wow!!! Great card!!!!!!!!!

Saskia :)

Nancy said...

Fantabulous! Love this wonderful fuzznatious card! Love making up words for your extrordinarious work :) It is kinda like the made up words I have to duplicate in order to leave a message here on your extrondiariuos blogness.