Friday, November 5, 2010

Lovely Fall

This is one more of the cards I created with October's Apron Strings Card Kit. It makes me think of fall. . .all warm and snuggly. It got COOL here last night!!!! Although the sun isn't up yet, I can tell it's going to be a GREAT day! Despite the sniffles, and a few other bumps in my path, I am ready to spend some time in the kitchen, and do some cleaning - all with the windows wide open, enjoying the weather! I am going to attempt two firsts in the kitchen - baking a cheesecake (pumpkin cheesecake to be exact) and drying a big bag of cranberries. (I'll be using the oven instructions here.) Wish me luck!!!
The days, as always, are whizzing by, and I am doing my best to stay focused on the must-do's, and repeat my mantra, "do-not-procrastinate!!!" so that I can spend more time doing what I want to be doing - enjoying the season!!!! So my blog posts may be a little less frequent - but I'll be around. I've given up the idea of being a "big-time, tons of readers, update every day, always something fabulous to post" blogger - I'm glad I have a blog, but really, dear old blog. . .what have you done for me lately? Is it really worth spending quite so much time? (Certainly no offense to the six of you who read my blog. I am QUITE happy you stop by, and I hope you will continue to!) So look for me once or twice a week, and perhaps posting less frequently will allow me more interesting things to say!!!


Saskia said...

So beautiful and elegant!!!!

Saskia :)

Sue said...

I may have to try drying cranberries. Sounds pretty easy and soooo much cheaper (and probably healthier!) than buying the Craisins.

Love your card, by the way!

Michelle said...

Very pretty fall card.

Colleen said...

Oh dear. It sounds like you are more than a tad discouraged. I get an email every time you update and I never miss checking in. I think you are incredibly talented and often save your creations into my "Cards I Love" file. I know I should comment more often. I mean to and time gets away on me but that's not a good excuse. You are appreciated.

And that is a lovely card.