Sunday, May 30, 2010

happy happy thoughts!

Ahhh, I've been waiting so long to share this card with you! One of my favorites lately. The sentiment stamp is from The {Stamps} of Life - GetWell2You, released this month. And the paper - how stinking adorable is this paper? Probably all of my most favorite colors together. . . .aqua, citrus green, bright pink - LOVE it. Add in polka dots, flowers, fruit and scallops, and I really just might be in heaven. (It's from My Mind's Eye, of course!) This card is also.. . .loosely based, on CPS 169. It didn't really turn out a whole lot like the sketch, but that just happens sometimes!!!
As you are reading this, I am spending the day at SeaWorld with my family, including my parents! Hopefully it isn't pouring down rain, like it was the last time we spent the day at SeaWorld, (pouring down rain, the ENTIRE day, with a three month old baby in tow. Yes, you may remember me sobbing about that a few months ago!)
Be sure to hop on over to CPS and check out the girls' cards, and try out the sketch for yourself!! I'll be back in a few days, with some NEW June cards to share, from Apron Strings and The {Stamps} of Life!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Whoooo loves you?

Yesterday I was blogging over at my mom's CTMH blog. . .and this is the card I shared! I am going to make this short and sweet (that seems to be the trend lately!) as we are heading out of town as I type this - so head on over there to get all the details, or just because you want to see what I'm rambling about!

Have a terrific weekend!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Feeling Punchy!

This week The {Stamps} of Life design team girls challenged each other to use punches on a card. (We're feelin' punchy!!!) We'd love it if you played along!!! This card also happens to be my CPS card for this week. I used the July stamp set, circle punches, and scalloped circle punches (both from Marvy Uchida) on this card. If you create a card, be sure to link it up to one of our blogs so we can see your take on the challenge!

Be sure to stop by the other girls playing along:
Jeanne, Jen, Deb, Joana, Vicki

We are officially on summer vacation in my house. Mr. B is done with school now. At age 5, he doesn't REALLY have an understanding of how long "almost three months" is, until Kindergarten starts. He is going to LOVE being home though, and he'll probably drive me batty! I'll still be here blogging, but between 4 planned trips, two kiddos at home (one of which still doesn't sleep), and lots going on around here, I will probably be a little inconsistent!!!

And since that non-sleeper has decided to be up at the crack of dawn, I am going to take advantage of some extra time, and attempt to get organized for our first trip of summer. We are heading to Orlando QUITE soon for Scrapbook Expo this weekend! Time to make a list, pile up some laundry, and make a batch of THESE muffins to use up some fruit in the fridge! (I'll let you know how they turn out!)

Friday, May 21, 2010

that's all she wrote.

not in a blogging mood.
sink FULL of dishes.
baby needs a diaper change.
up early.
last day of school.
want to have a date with hubby this morning, but can't in good conscience, until the kitchen is clean.
wonderful friends coming for dinner.
leaving you with just my card today.
it's a card i LOVE though.
will be back.
sometime soon.
i think.
(card goodies: all from Close To My Heart. Veranda paper, and Grown With Love stamp set.)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

take care of yourself (TSOL)

Another get well card from The {Stamps} of Life! I feel like I haven't been around much lately. . . .but it's because I have an 8 month old who has decided to start pulling himself up on chairs, couches, and baby gates. (Not the coffee table though, because we decided to temporarily just DITCH it, because I was tired of diving to rescue Little T from hurting himself on it!) He is moving NON-STOP. So I am in a constant state of panic, checking the floor for tiny Legos, SillyBandz, and tiny toys left strewn around by Mr. B.

Speaking of Mr. B, he is graduating from preschool tonight! I think it's pretty funny that they make this huge deal of graduating from preschool, but I must admit he looks AWFULLY adorable in the cap and gown! (Of course we were suckered into the $30 to buy his official graduation photo!) One of these days I guess I better run over to the elementary school (the BIG GIGANTIC LOOMING elementary school) and get him registered for kindergarten!!! YIKES! I am trying to win him over, telling him how big and fun the playground will be . .. but so far, he isn't sold on this whole new-school-going-to-kindergarten thing. (And between you and I, I'm not sold on it yet either!!!)

(card goodies: card stock - WorldWin, patterned paper, diecut - My Mind's Eye, stamps - The Stamps of Life GetWell2You)

Monday, May 17, 2010

grow. . . breathe. . . enjoy

I shared this card on my mom's blog a few weeks ago, but I don't think I shared it here.. . .this card is based on this week's CPS sketch, #167 . I used all Close To My Heart goodies on here. I LOVE this big tree - this card is actually 5x7, a size I don't use very often, but I needed to, to get this giant TREE on here!!! I am in the midst of another card using this tree, that I'll share later this week! :)

I think I am going to go back and add some little knots in embroidery floss to the chipboard buttons. I am finding that it's best for me to make a card (probably using as little as adhesive as possible) and look at it for a few days on my desk, before I decide if it really is finished. SO often lately, I am going back to my cards after a few days and either totally redoing them, or changing this or that. Do you know the dental floss trick? If you have something you've glued together, and you need to seperate the layers . . .try carefully sliding dental floss between them, wiggling it back and forth and it will often help you seperate elements or layers from your project. (I have been doing that quite often lately!!!)

Have a wonderful Monday! It's rainy and cloudy here .. .and I need a cup of coffee!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Feel Better! (TSOL)

GetWell2You is one of the special release sets this month at The {Stamps} of Life . . . it's a nice set to have, because I don't have very many "get well" sentiments. This card is soooo super simple - its 4.25x4.25, and I used October Afternoon patterned paper, layered it up a bit and added the two sentiment stamps. Simple. . .simple. .. .simple. Love it!!!

My biggest little man is home sick from school today. This child NEVER gets sick, other than some sniffles a few times a year - so the headache and fever that arrived yesterday came as quite a surprise! A few hours of laying in my bed watching Sprout, and some medicine seemed to help, so I am hoping he will wake up feeling good, but either way, he's home for today. At least it isn't next week. . .. preschool graduation, and a "beach" party (in the classroom) would NOT be fun to miss out on!!!

Have a FANTASTIC Friday!!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Good friends are like stars. (CPS 166)

I got some fun new stamps from Unity a few weeks ago and I was happy to have an opportunity to put them to good use. I was even MORE excited when I came across this fun My Mind's Eye paper, with all the STARS . . .perfection with this stamp! It's moments like that, which cause us to hoard paper - doesn't it? We think "One day, I am going to have the PERFECT use for this paper!"
And here's the inside. . .
and since my computer battery is JUST about to die, I REALLY better run. . . .
back soon!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My new world record of savings. . . and a card to celebrate!

I warned you. . .. I told you I was going to ramble about my grocery store savings. And here I am to do just that. This week I wasn't going to Publix to do a MAJOR shopping trip, and we didn't need much produce or dinner food - so I was mostly stocking up on lunch, snack, and breakfast food. But here are some of my BIG-deal DEALS:

-Oscar Mayer lunchmeat . . . .FREE! (thanks to two coupons and a sale!)

-Beechnut Baby food - I think it came out to about 10 cents a jar (two coupons, and BOGO)

-McCormick Steakhouse Grinder - 50 cents

-Betty Crocker cake mixes and frosting . . .. about 86 cents each

All in all, I spent a whopping $9.53, and I saved $41.91 (And I even got a few things that weren't on sale, and treated myself to a soda!)

I also had AMAZING deals at CVS this week. Everything I bought ended up being better than FREE!!! I spent about $9 out of pocket, but I walked out with $12 in Extra Care Bucks (which I then used at Publix on this shopping trip!)

I also have a card to share with you today - the special release sets are up now, at The {Stamps} of Life!!!! This 4th of July set is SO fun. I have been totally into making fun summer cards with it! It has lots of terrific stars in it, so really you can use it for MUCH more than 4th of July!

Not sure where that piece of ribbon is from (Maya Road maybe?) but it was the perfect little scrap for this card!!! And I had one more blue Doodlebug button sitting on my desk, so I threw that on there too. Oh how I love "clean-and-simple-throw-together" cards.
Have a terrific day!!!


Monday, May 10, 2010

I had such fun designing some projects in April for Tami Mayberry's new stamp set, Oh Boy! over at Gina K Designs! I am happy to share one more project with you, based on the Gina K's Sr. DT Challenge Blog Hop . . . .the challenge - to create a card based on a favorite movie.
Even before I lived in a house full of boys, I had always loved the movie Toy Story - so I tried to infuse a little Toy Story love into this card. The colors, the little clouds and the overall theme hopefully remind you of the movie! You can see some more cards using Tami's Oh Boy! stamp set, based on the challenge at the blogs of Tami's other guest designers:

For the specific details of the Senior Design Team challenge, please visit GinaK's Blog
Then, check out these designer's links for all the projects they have prepared for tonight's challenge:

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fun with triangles (TSOL)

This card makes me feel so springy! I used The {Stamps} of Life May set on this card . . .the banner set - remember? (You can see Banners4All here!) The banners can be used for so much more!!! I used one to create this fun triangle pattern. Since the stamps are clear, it's super easy to line it all up and get everything in the right spot. (Or close enough anyway!) The sentiment also comes with the stamp set - I think I'll be using it a lot! Cute little size, and super clean and easy-to-read font!!!

Yesterday I had THE best treat . . .. going to my little man's school for Muffins With Mom - way to melt a mama's heart - good grief! It was ADORABLE. The kids all painted their mom's portrait, on little canvases. And we all had to guess who was who's mom. (Talk about stress!!!! We were all just concerned with guessing ourselves correctly, so as not to crush our child's spirit!!) We had breakfast treats to eat; Bryce even asked what I wanted, and fixed my plate for me! It was just adorable. Such fun!!!

If you are a mama, or if you have a mama. .. .I hope you enjoy your day, and give thanks for your mom! Whether she's in your life or not, she GAVE you life . . .so give thanks! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'm over there!

Blogging at my mom's Close To My Heart blog today!!!!
Come on over to take a peek at my Mothers' Day card!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My latest obsession. . .

When I am not making cards . .. .
or taking care of my little men . .. .
or doing laundry or dishes. . . .
or blogging. .. .
I am probably scanning the weekly circulars, printing out coupons, and making my grocery list!


How could I not be though? To spent 60 cents on something that normally costs $3. Or to get something for FREE (yes FREE) . . .just because I happen to have a coupon, (or two) to match up with an item that is on sale. It takes some time. It really does - but it is soooo worth it!!!!!
Sometimes, I even MAKE money just for buying something - seriously! It can happen!!!!

And because I am obsessed, I like to share about the amazing deals I find. Since I am still in the honeymoon phase of couponing - I can't really quite believe some of the deals to be scored! I added some of my favorite sites to the sidebar, so be sure to go peruse them!!! Publix is where I do most of my shopping, so if you are somewhere other than Florida, Georgia, South Carolina. . .I am soooo sorry that you are missing out on dear sweet Publix!! (It's the BEST!)

SO - want to hear about my favorite grocery store scores today?
*Kellogg's Fruit Snacks . . .normally 2.95 per box. Buy 1 Get 1 Free this week (BOGO) plus a $1 coupon for each box. (Bless you Publix, for accepting a coupon on an item even if it's "free")
Total for two boxes = 95 cents, which comes to about 48 cents per box!!!!! 10 days of lunchbox treats for my little man is QUITE worth 48 cents!
*I also got Kraft shredded cheese for $1 a bag, thanks to a sale and a coupon. (My freezer is now FULL of cheese!)
*Hamburger Helper and packaged potatoes that were all less than a dollar, to add to our donations for the food bank. LOVE stocking up on super cheap non-perishables for sharing with others!!!!

Now that I have rattled on and on (I promise not to do this every week) watch for me to share my steals and deals next week!!!! Going to the grocery store has become SO much fun when I have some terrific coupons!! Watching my total go down down down as my coupons are scanned is the BEST feeling. Totally worth the work!!!

(And huge THANKS to my in-laws, and my pal Angie who are saving their Sunday coupons for me!!!)

Monday, May 3, 2010

CPS 165 with sprinkles on top!

Everything really IS better with sprinkles, isn't it?
(or chocolate chips, or buttercream frosting, or whipped cream. . .)
This week's sponsor at Card Positioning Systems is Taylored Expressions - they have high quality red rubber stamps, on cling mount. I was really impressed with the quality, and the nice sturdy laminated card they come on. And there are CUPCAKES. Cupcakes for every occasion. . .smiling cupcakes doing all sorts of things that - well - cupcakes just don't normally do. Cupcakes at the beach, cupcakes at school, cupcakes doing crafts . .. . if you've never been over to Taylored Expressions, I encourage you to go peruse their cute stamps! I paper-pieced this cute icecream cone with October Afternoon paper and added in some buttons and ribbon for a bright summery card. (It's going to be 90 degrees here today, so suddenly ice cream and the swimming pool are on our minds!)
I hope the weather isn't quite as hot where you are. . . .and I hope you have a terrific week!!! Happy Monday!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy May! (TSOL)

Happy May! Happy new stamps at The {Stamps} of Life! This is the new Banners4All set, and it has all the stamps you need to create cute banners for ALL occasions! On this card, I used the sentiment stamps from last month's Happy2BeCircles set, but there are sweet little sentiments included in this set that can fit onto the banner flags, or stand alone. (And I am a sucker for sentiments stamps - i LOVE them!)

I used some sweet October Afternoon patterned paper, and WorldWin cardstock on this card - sweet and simple! I have lots more cards to share this month, using this stamp set - and you can check out what all the designers made, here in the TSOL gallery! Enjoy!