Friday, February 25, 2011

better late than never!

Welcome to my post that should have been posted a few weeks ago. Or, let's just think of it as me helping you get REALLY ahead for next Valentine's Day! I am still not quite used to the new computer, now that I live in Mac world. Probably because I'm in denial, and trying to do as little as possible. So photos are staying on the camera, and when I do upload them, they are in strangely named folders which I can never find again.

But I digress (as always) . ..

Valentine's Day. (Focus, Laura, focus!) These are the Valentines that Mr. B and I made, (okay really it was just me. But he addressed them at least. We made the crayons in plastic candy molds. In the oven, in a water bath within a shallow pan. I read online, that it would work. And as you can see, it did. But I don't recommend it. I also don't recommend using cheapy crayons (you know, the ones you accumulate from restaurants) Go with the Crayolas and the wax and pigment won't separate as much. And use a metal muffin pan instead of trying to not melt your plastic candy molds. It's not pretty.

But the crayons are cute, and the packaging is cute. And THAT is what matters. I printed the text on Avery sticker paper, so all I had to do was print it out, trim, and adhere. I used Santa Red, Prussian Blue, and Solar Yellow cardstocks from Discount Cardstock. My little bags were three inches across, so I cut the cardstock into three inch strips, and folded it over to wrap around the bags. I added a staple (a cute GREEN staple, I might add) and that was that!!!
Below, you can see the front and the back. And this font, is called Howser. It's one of my all-time favorites! You can find Howser at It is a FABULOUS place to get free fonts!!!! LOVE IT!
So save this idea for next year, and you'll be way ahead of the game! All thanks to ME! ;) (tee hee!)


Nancy said...

Those are so so so cute!What kid wouldn't want one of those and I bet every parent was thrilled to get something so cute with out sugar!

Leanor said...

Laura I have to tell you that I made crayons with my kids over Christmas Vacation. I put a bowl over a boiling pot of water and the kids added the crayons. Then I poured the mixture into the candy molds. It did not turn out nearly as great as yours and it too was quite disastrous, I ruined a perfectly functional bowl, I had splashes of melted crayon wax all over the kitchen and we got crayons that are a dirty kind of greenish blueish. I will definitely be trying the tray in water bath in the oven.

Very cute valentines!