Saturday, April 9, 2011

did you stamp your veggies today?

perhaps it's because the little mr. has been waking up at 4:45 in the morning, but i am feeling SO loopy and brain-fried lately!!! yesterday, i did and said silly things that made NO sense all day long. but today is a new day. (a new EARLY day which started once again at 4:45)

the hubs and i spent most of the day yesterday working on our family budget. {insert dark scary music here!} it's fairly bleak, but i feel fairly optimistic.  we've budgeted for our trip to disney next month, and we have the cost of the whole thing accounted for now, so that makes me feel good! we can enjoy it, and not worry about the money.  (thank goodness for credit card points, anniversary gifts, thriftiness and gift cards! woohooo!)

so - back to the veggies.  it's a bit early, so i haven't eaten my veggies today - but i did STAMP my veggies a few days ago.  ;)  (i warned you. . .i'm loopy and weird these days!)  paper-piecing kim hughes' Paper Smooches stamps makes me deliriously HAPPY! they have crisp clear lines and they are easy peasy to use.  so so much FUN!!!!

i hope you have a FABULOUS weekend! we had to turn the air conditioner back on yesterday - sigh. it's going to be NINTY THREE today.  seriously?! in APRIL!? even for Florida, that, my friends, is a little extreme.

(card goodies: stamps - Paper Smooches, patterened paper - Echo Park, kraft cardstock - Discount Cardstock)


Nancy said...

This card is so cute. I love how you have tucked the veggies between the two layers of "dirt".
Clever girl!

Laura said...

I learned to be clever from my clever and talented aunt. Do you know her? There is just NO END to her talent. ;)

Anonymous said...

Love your cute card Laura - I'm *totally* needing a paper piecing fix now ;)
All the best with making your finance plan work out! Hugs, Ruth S

Nancy said...

No end to your talent my creative, clever, excellent parent, smart, beautiful relative!

Carly said...

This is so adorable!!