Monday, May 7, 2012

Flowering Pencil Bouquet

I created this pencil bouquet tutorial for A Cherry On Top, as part of their National Scrapbooking Day celebration. Be sure to visit the ACOT website for all of the great tutorials and classes, that are still available! You'll find LOTS of great inspiration, and challenges to participate in!

This flowery bouquet, with pencil stems, is a fun teacher gift, but it's perfect for anyone whose desk needs brightening up! (And you're less likely to lose your pencils if they have cheery flowers on the ends of them!)

You can customize your flowers with any 12x12 patterned paper you have on hand. Paper with pattern on both sides works best.
Supplies I used:
-patterned paper (I used My Mind's Eye Lime Twist)
-Glue Dots, and/or two-sided tape
-buttons or brads
-hot glue gun

First, trim three strips of paper 9x1 inch.

Then trim three strips of a different paper 6x.5 inch.

I found that it helps to roll the smaller strips between your fingers to slightly curl them.
This will help them to bend, rather than fold, during the next two steps.

Roll each strip into a circle and adhere with liquid glue or tape adhesive.

Along the seam of your circles, stick a glue dot, or small length of two-sided tape, and squish your circle together gently.

Next, layer the three large squashed circles over top of each other to create a flower shape. These layers can be stapled in the center.
Then layer the three smaller ones together. Use a piercing tool to poke a hole through the center of the smaller flower layer, and attach a brad. If you'd like to use a button in the center instead, simply glue or staple the layers, and adhere a button over top. After that, stick the smaller flower on top of the larger one.

Use a hot glue gun to attach the flowers to the side of the pencil, near the top. Tie a green ribbon bow around the pencil for the leaves.

I chose to put my pencil bouquet into a glass jar, but a flower pot would be completely adorable too! Put buttons, beans, or a styrofoam block in the bottom to keep the pencils in place. After you decide on a container, simply tie a ribbon around it, and add a quick custom tag. I simply stamped a sentiment onto a diecut circle, and added a button.

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Jen W. said...

Super cute and cheery! Maybe I'll add these flowers to all my pens and pencils at work so they stop getting stolen!