Wednesday, August 29, 2012

creating garbage

Yes, garbage.
My littlest man is having a garbage truck birthday party next weekend.
And today, I've been making a wreath for the door.  It's total cost will be about $2.  $1 for a foam wreath, and $1 for a pack of hot glue sticks at Dollar Tree.
And. . .garbage.  I've been tearing up junk mail and Target plastic bags, plus a little bit of bubble wrap for texture, of course! (ha!)
I found a great tutorial, and then I just ran with it.
This is how it's coming along so far!  It's still a work in progress. . .I might find some other good garbage to throw in there!
My garbage wreath . . . 

Please visit Living With Lindsay to see her much more beautiful wreath, created from book pages.  It's a lovely version that you actually WOULD hang in your home.  :) 

I'll be back with more garbage truck goodies in the next few weeks!


Lindsay said...

Oh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!! Wonderful!

Nancy Durant said...

Perfect for Tanner! I hope it will be his "best birthday party ever"!

Jamaal Mccune said...

The recycled wreath is a kiss to the cheek of Mother Nature, Laura. :) That will come in handy all year round. Or if you want to make it more meaningful, maybe you could just hang some seasonal designs on it when a special occasion is near. Laura's creation of wreath proves that we should not toss our paper cups, newspapers and magazines with the rubbish – this is because they have more to offer than what meets the eye.

Emily Leiphart said...

Wow, I never knew 'garbage' could look so good! What a fantastic idea!