Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cardstock Crafts for Kids (part 2): Mini Coloring Books

this is the second project in my series, Cardstock Crafts for Kids, on the Discount Cardstock blog.

Mini Coloring Book
 By Laura Williams
Discount Cardstock supplies:
Scored Card Variety Pack  
1.  I think I’ve made about 10 of these this week, because my 7-year-old and my 3-year-old keep asking for more! My oldest son likes to write stories in them and my youngest likes to color and draw in them. The pre-scored cardsin the DCS store are a quick start to this project. I found through my experience, that my stapler fits best if I trim 1/4 inch off the side of my folded card.
2.  Next, trim white paper to fit inside the book. Line up the paper with your book cover, and staple it in the center.
3.  My youngest son likes to use these as mini coloring books, so sometimes I create coloring book pages for him using stamps.
More ideas for mini books:
a.) Customize the cover with a child’s name
b.) Present some mini books as a gift, with a new box of crayons and stickers
c.) Instead of white paper, use lined notebook paper, colored paper, or both!
These projects would be fun stocking stuffers for the children in your life, or even great little goodies from grandma!

This tutorial, and all others I have created can be found easily, by clicking on the Tutorials tab at the top of my blog!


gRiSeL™ said...

What an awesome idea to give away as gifts to children in your life!!! SO doing this for my cousins' kids and the children I babysit!!!! :D Thanks for sharing this tutorial!!! (:

Cami J said...

love it!

Cami J said...

love it!!