Friday, March 29, 2013

Dang, you guys!!!! :)

Man, the past few days have been such a BLAST.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind comments, and emails! It has been absolutely overwhelming! I even got these stunning flowers from my parents! Aren't they GORGEOUS!? 

I am so, SO excited. I was already having an awfully good time paper crafting, blogging, and sharing with my crafty friends. . . .but I think it's getting even BETTER!
Thank you for sharing the fun with me! 

Enjoy your Easter weekend, and I'll be back soon to share some fun, crafty messes that my kids and I have been creating over Spring Break!



Sue D said...

Beautiful flowers and Happy Easter!

Susan aka Mimi said...

Well deserved!

Lisa Hjulberg said...

Hi Laura, I just tried to subscribe to your blog posts through your Feedblitz link, but it's locked up so that I can't enter the security code or anything. In other words, I can't get past the first screen. I wanted to let you know in case others are having the same problem. Love your blog and look forward to seeing what comes next! Lisa