Wednesday, March 13, 2013

{tutorial} Tshirt scarf and flowers

We all love Pinterest. And we all hate Pinterest. Don't we? We love all the fabulous ideas we find, but we hate how it makes us feel like WE never have any good ideas, and all the fabulous ideas we find SIT THERE on our boards doing nothing.

A YEAR ago, I pinned a really cool video tutorial on making a scarf from a tshirt.  {scarf tutorial here} I even got as far as buying an XXL tshirt from JoAnn Fabric ($3 - can't beat that!) and it sat in my drawer all this time.

But today, I got inspired.  I watched the tutorial again, and I made a scarf.

But then it needed a flower. And I didn't HAVE a flower.

But I did have a few more tshirts, that I added to the Goodwill pile yesterday. Soft comfy tshirts, that I struggled to get rid of, but really - it was BEYOND time to retire them.

So I Googled "make a flower from a tshirt" and low and behold, I found THE best tutorial, at Emily's Little World, and I made THE cutest flower!!!  Emily's tutorial is incredibly easy to follow, and her flowers are DARLING.  She drew a template and traced her flowers, but I decided to see if I could put a tshirt through my Big Shot, and low and behold - IT WORKED!!!! I cranked it through 3-4 times for good measure, but it completely cut through every time. I am SERIOUSLY impressed.  I'm not going to share my own tutorial, because Emily's is so terrific, just go see hers! :)

I'm looking at all of my old tshirts in a new light now, and maybe it will be easier to retire the rest that need to STOP being worn - because I can turn them into FLOWERS!!!  You could even use kid's tshirts that have seen better days - especially if you have cute little-girl pink tshirts!

These aren't great photos - I just took them with my phone, but you can get the idea.

I just stuck a safety pin through the back of my flower, and attached it to my loopy non-sew tshirt scarf.  I need to decide what other colors would be fun (and practical) to have, and I am going to be a scarf-wearing woman. . . . or at least make cute tshirt flowers for everyone I know! 
Come back tomorrow. . .that coupon giveaway that I promised, starts tomorrow! 

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Lindsay said...

Oh so true Laura! I have pinned my share of things I know I will never do! lol! This flower is so so fun, love the look!

Sue D said...

Very cute and thanks for the link to the tutorial!