Monday, March 4, 2013

We Click!

I have had this sweet little stash of Echo Park's This & That Charming paper and stickers sitting in my drawer.  I've made quite a lot of projects with it, but I have quite a bit left. . .so in my never ending attempt to USE UP what I have, I created two sweet cards to share with you today! 

I super SUPER love this one - and every time I look at it, I sing one of my favorite songs. And it's a kid's song. Seriously, I am SUCH a mom.  But it is catchy, and adorable, and I love it.  It's called Click Click, by Elska. Seriously - adorable. Go listen to it  and tell me that you don't love it! I dare you! (No, don't crush me.)  We have a free year of Sirius radio in our car, and of course the kid's station, Kids Place Live, is ALWAYS on.  But I am a happy chick when this song comes on! And then we replay it over and over - my three-year-old saying "Click Click" is pretty much the cutest thing ever.
Have I digressed from the original point here?
The cards - yes, the cards. 
Refocusing. . .
I can do this.
Two cards made with Echo Park's This & That Charming. Here you go. . . .

Thanks for stopping by!
As you read this, I am probably recovering from my weekend crop with one of my bestest crafty girls, my mom, and my first night away from my guys.  I'm sure I'm exhausted and the house is probably a disaster. Hopefully I've created lots of fabulous things to share (and some to NOT share) over the next few weeks! 
Thank goodness for pre-dated blog posts, right?
Happy day, friends!

PS be sure to scroll down to the previous post for a chance to win free cleaning goodies from Soft Scrub.  :)


Lindsay said...

Loooove that first card Laura!

Sue D said...

Great cards and very catchy song!