Monday, June 9, 2014

Don't flip! {Pink & Main}

A week!? It's been a WEEK since my last blog post? 
So, it's been a busy week. And now we are in full-on summer mode. No more tests and no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks! (Or something to that effect. . . .not that MY child has EVER gotten a dirty look from a teacher!) Speaking of which. . . . care to see his beginning to end of 3rd grade photos? I LOVE seeing the way he's growing up! 

Because of that sweet little face (which is far more wild and crazy than it looks) in addition to the wild and crazy face of his not-pictured little brother, my blog posts may be sporadic this summer. We have some trips planned, and some summer adventures to have. But I'll be here. . .perhaps some weeks even more than normal. Just plan for the UNPLANNED around here! BECAUSE IT'S SUMMMMMER! (wahoo!) 

But now, onward to some crafty goodness. . . . I received these sweet stamps from Pink & Main and I haven't shared them with you yet! And now, I see they have another new release since I've gotten them, so you'll have to go and check out all their stamps! They are high quality clear stamps made in the USA, (because I'm sort of a stamp snob you know!) I had fun pairing these cute flip flops with paper from Echo Park. I actually made this card at one of our late night crafty sessions during editorial board . . .I can't believe I haven't shared it yet!

Thanks so very much for stopping by today! Have a terrific week! xoxo
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joy said...

a cute card but a cuter little boy!

Sue said...

He's growing up and losing that little boy look.

JustYolie said...

He is a cutie pie! Love the cute card!! :)