Wednesday, August 25, 2010

buttercream heaven and fondant fun!

As promised, here is Little T's birthday cake (and cupcakes!) I had a TON of fun working with the fondant. I was not brave enough to attempt covering the whole cake in fondant, but the buttercream turned out PERFECTLY, so I am quite happy! It was the perfect consistency, and the flavor was great too! (If I do say so myself!)

The fondant was premade. I added color to white fondant for the yellow and green, but the red was already premixed. I will DEFINITELY try it again! The only problem now, is that I made about twice as much buttercream as I needed. . .and I've been dipping my finger into it ever since this weekend. I think its going to have to go down the drain tonight. Otherwise it will be on my thighs for years to come!


scrappingnana said...

looks like the cake and cupcakes turned out great. I bet he had a great time.

Michelle said...

Looks delicious!!!!! Very pretty cake, I like the vibrant colors.