Saturday, March 14, 2015

Make Amazing Happen {Richard Garay}

So, you may or may not have heard, I have a new job! I've been wandering aimlessly since the close of Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking magazine, and I had been praying and pondering about what to do and where to go from here. . . .and it seems I've found it (actually maybe it found me!) I'm thrilled to officially announce that I have joined Richard Garay and his Make Amazing Design Team. I am working as a part time designer, from home, and traveling to Phoenix quarterly to catch up with the team. So - a job, in the craft industry!? ACK - seriously, this is an awesome opportunity! 
Me and four of the five other Make Amazing Designers
(Mindy couldn't join us this week, but we missed her!!!)
I just spent the past four days meeting the team, and getting to know the rest of the Journey Crew (the staff in house, in Phoenix) and learning ALL about the company. There's a LOT going on, and it can be a bit confusing, so here's the scoop. Richard Garay and his company Journey Blooms, have a few different collections of products:

You'll find Richard's retail collection, Cele'brations, at Spellbinders, soon to be at JoAnn, and also at You may just see some more Richard Garay retail collections coming in the future as well! 

In addition, there's a whole other branch of Journey Blooms, called Fun Stampers Journey.  You can check out the entire FSJ catalog on the website, and products can be purchased through a Journey Coach (which is like a consultant or demonstrator.) We'll be having a giant convention in June, for Journey Coaches, where we'll release a new catalog, and NEW products. It's going to be a BLAST! Richard is also traveling around the country - ALL the time, for Scrapbook Expos, and his Yummy & Delicious Tour, so there are LOTS of ways to catch up with Richard and his extreme enthusiasm, creativity, and love for the crafty community. 

And now, some pictures from our week in Phoenix. We drank a lot of coffee, ate delicious food, and really - we did a lot of work and learning along the way! We also took a field trip to Sedona - which was seriously, SO beautiful! 

Richard kindly stopped the car on the side of the road, because it was extremely necessary for us to have a photo op with the gigantic cactus!

Richard spoiled us with presents and flowers and treasures each morning when we walked into the office. He is so attentive  to details, special touches, and making people feel fabulous!

My littlest son said, "So your new boss is the cool guy with the crazy hair?" Yes, yes he is!  And I am THRILLED about it! (And he and his hair is SUPER cool.)  
Some links for you:
Fun Stampers Journey website (look at the catalog, find out about becoming a coach, and read the FSJ blog!)

And now that I'm home, this week I am off on a family vacation - so much travel! So exciting! If you made it through this entire blog post - congratulations, and thank you!!!!! Have a terrific weekend! Thanks for coming by! xoxo


Kathy Martin said...

Great post! Was so much fun! Looking forward to making amazing happen with you! :)

Becca Cruger said...

Oh congratulations! I'm so pleased for you and can't wait to see what you'll be creating!

TOBEY said...

Congratulations!!!! so happy for you, enjoy your new Journey!!

Angi Barrs said...

Love your post! We had sooo much fun! Richard needs to do a Yummy & Delicious event in St. Augustine soon! :)

Susan aka Mimi said...

What a great post Laura. Your excitement and enthusiasm shines through every word. You are a real talent - both in word and paper crafting designs. Very happy for you. Very proud of you too!