Thursday, August 11, 2016

Ooh La La! How To Use Watercolor Pencils - Tips and Techniques {FSJ}

Hello friends! Summer is winding to an end around my house. We're in the last few days of summer vacation, and although I'm not really looking forward to the kids going back to school, I am looking forward to a bit more of a routine around here, (including some more regular blog posts!) 

Hands down, my favorite new items from Fun Stampers Journey are the Color Splash Sheets (watercolor paper) and our Journey Color Splash Watercolor Pencils. I can't STOP with the watercoloring. Today I have two cards to share with you, featuring my favorite new items, and three different ways to use them.

Make Watercolor:

My go-to way to use watercolor pencils is to actually MAKE some watercolor, and then paint it onto my project. I use an acrylic block, (any nonporous surface will work) and squeeze a few drops of water onto it from my water brush (Journey Blending Brush). Then I use a watercolor pencil and scribble onto the water until the color becomes the intensity I'm looking for. As I'm working, sometimes I add other shades in, or make the color darker. All of the images on today's cards were colored that way.

Watercolor Smooshing:

On today's first card, I used a slightly different technique to get that big coffee "spill" in the background, but it starts out the same. I mixed the color on my acrylic block, but instead of using a paintbrush, I just placed my Color Splash watercolor paper face down on top of the puddle. It's always a surprise what it will look like when you pick the paper back up! This technique is especially fun if you blend a variety of colors together and they swirl and blend together. In this case, I just went for brown, because I was thinking about coffee!

Watercolor Splatter:  

Splattering with watercolor is always a fun finishing touch. It adds to the loose and laid back feel to a watercolored project. And there are two different techniques to try. On my first card, you can see that some of the splatters bled and ran a little bit - that effect is achieved when you flick your painty brush across a wet surface. If you flick the brush across an already dry surface, the splatters will hold their shape and be a more intense color, like you see on this second card. Two splatter effects - both lots of fun!

Do you have questions about watercolor pencils? Do you have a project you'd like to share? Post a question or link in the comments - I'd love to chat with you about it! Thanks so much for stopping by! xoxo

PS. For more colorful inspiration and information about our pencils, check out the post over on the FSJ blog!  

Supplies used on today's projects:
Journey Color Splash Watercolor Pencils
Color Splash Sheets
Journey Blending Brush - Large
Le Cafe Stamp Set


StampingbugKerry said...

I so love watercolors and our FSJ watercolor pencils are yummy and delish! Great feature post...techniques are limitless!!

Rose Curtis said...

love your work Laura!

Wilma said...

Beautiful cards - great explanation of technique. Thanks!

Karen Schroeder said...

Laura, your cards are gorgeous! I love how you showed and explained the different techniques! Our Color Splash pencils rock!