Monday, July 31, 2017

Creating Faux Washi Tape and Faux Enamel Dots too! {FSJ Tape It stamp set}

Hello friends! Do you hoard washi tape in a thousand colors and prints? It's so addicting, and one can never have quite enough of all the cute tiny patterns, am I right? Today's project probably won't end your washi addiction, but it might inspire you to add another form of washi to your collection - and the best part is that you can customize the colors to your hearts content. 
Please say hello to Fun Stampers Journey's Tape It stamp set. Faux washi - WHAT!? These stamps are adorable - and the best part is that you can create them in any color of ink you want! Stamp them directly onto a card, like I did for this fun little coffee card, or stamp them onto paper or cardstock, trim, and adhere to your projects. 
After stamping some colorful faux washi over the background panel of my card, I layered the coffee cup and a die cut circle, plus the sentiment. A little splatter of Sparkle Silk, and I called it ALMOST done. 

Almost? Yes, because I can't create without a few little dots or details stuck on - but I was out of yellow enamel dots. So, I created some faux dots to go along with my faux washi. Just use a hole punch and a cardstock scrap, and stick those dots on! Add a little dimensional glaze (like FSJ's Journey Glaze) on top, and you have yourself simple faux dots in any color your heart desires! Easy peasy! 

I'm so grateful that you dropped by today! Are you looking for more inspiration? Come on over and visit me on Pinterest. You'll find all sorts of beautiful things I've been pinning lately! xoxo



StampingbugKerry said...

So fabulous! Love this card and the fun colors you used. Thanks too for playing along with "Tag you're it" with this set! I wonder who else we can tag to play along? They'll definitely need this set!!! It's a keeper! Kerry Urbatch, FSJ Coach #163

Betty said...

Laura, I love this card! I honestly thought that was wash tape when I first saw it. Now I have to add that stamp set to my wish list.Great design. May I CASE it?

Laura Williams said...

Betty, go for it!!! :)

Joyce Bergthold said...

I'm looking at an old post of yours because I just saw it, BUT it's a new idea for me! I love it, and I'm gonna try it!

I met you at Leadership last January 2018. Will you be at 2018 Convention? Maybe I'll see you there.

Joyce Bergthold
Coach #587
Fresno, CA