Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Thankful Tree

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A thankful tree is a tradition we have done each year with our family.  We hang a paper tree, and write things we are thankful for on the leaves each day, hanging them up to fill our tree with colorful fall leaves.  We usually keep it up until Thanksgiving, or until we get out our winter decorations.  As our children have grown, it's always cute to see what they are thankful for.  This year my three-year-old is thankful for the garbage truck. And my seven-year-old wrote his best friend's name. (So sweet!) I always keep a few of the leaves from each year to add to our scrapbook.

1. Hand cut a tree shape from a roll of kraft postal wrapping paper. You can find it online or at most WalMart or Target stores. 
thankful tree project by laura williams,

2. Crinkle and fold branches as desired, and tape tree to wall or door.  We always hang ours on the door that goes out to our garage, because it can handle lots of tape stuck all over it! 

3. Trim leaf shapes from autumn-colored cardstocks.  I folded a scrap in half to make a leaf shape and used it as a template for the rest of them. If you have a diecutting machine, a leaf die would be perfect too.

4. Leave a jar of leaves, pencils, and tape near the tree so that family members and friends can fill up the tree through autumn.

thankful tree by laura williams, www.lauralooloo.blogspot.comthankful tree by laura williams,

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Michelle said...

What a sweet tradition! So cute to hang on to some of the leaves. 'garbage truck' will bring a smile in a few years.