Thursday, November 29, 2012

S'more Love s'more kit

A few weeks ago, my family and I spent a beautiful autumn week in the mountains of North Carolina.  We built a bonfire almost every day and we roasted marshmallows, and hamburgers, and we tromped through the woods pretty much the entire time.  This project is very much inspired by our trip!  If we were fortunate enough to have a great yard with a fire pit at home (rather than a townhouse with a shared yard and strict neighborhood rules,)  I know we would be starting fires ALL the time, and inviting friends and family over to enjoy the weather around the fire.  This s'more kit would be perfect to hand out at an outdoor party when celebrating around a bonfire. 
In addition to basic tools, these are the supplies needed to complete this project:
*brown twine, jute, or string (like Tim Holtz Solid Paper String)
*s'more supplies (chocolate, graham crackers, marshmallows, long skewers)
*clear bags (these 4x6 zip top bags would work!)

To begin, I filled a bag with the goodies necessary to create two smores (because REALLY, who can eat just ONE!?) Another option would be to create a "family-style" s'more kit, using a gallon-sized bag and the supplies to create a LOT of s'mores.  It could be a fun goodie to take on a camping trip! The bag I used was a tall glassine bag that was 5 inches across.  I trimmed the top off a bit to make it more manageable.
s'more kits by Laura Williams, for
Next, I trimmed a 5x6 block of patterned paper, folded it in half and tucked the top of my treat bag inside.
s'more kit by Laura Williams, for
I stapled the bag topper to the bag, a little more than half an inch from the bottom.  (This is so the staples can be hidden once we add the next layer!)
smore kit by Laura Williams, for
Next, I got some stamping done. I stamped the marshmallow and the chocolate bar on cardstock and patterned paper, and trimmed them.  The Cosmo Cricket stamps are terrific to use, because they cling to acrylic blocks, but they have the image imprinted on the back, so you can see exactly what (and more importantly, where) you are stamping.  This was the first time I had used their stamps, and I like them a lot!
smore kit by Laura Williams, created for
Remember that second layer I mentioned? Here it is.  I trimmed a 5x2.5 block of patterned paper, and adhered it along my bag topper, leaving those cute little stripes showing at the bottom.  And now, the staples are completely hidden.  I stamped the marshmallow man onto the brown paper, and adhered the trimmed one with foam tape. (That way, you don't have to try and cut around his little arms and legs.) I added the sentiment, tied some string around it, and it was DONE.
s'more kit by Laura Williams, created for
Because I had so many cute stamps to chose from to create this project, I knew I would make another variation.  That's where the chocolate bar, that I already stamped and trimmed, comes in. Simply repeat everything already done, but for this top layer I used the aqua paper.
s'more kit by Laura Williams, for
There's my chocolate man. (Again, I stamped it directly on the paper, and then adhered the chocolate part with foam tape. Then I stamped the sentiment, and attached it to the bag and striped bag-topper base.
Now, as one more finishing touch, I thought it would be fun to embellish the marshmallow skewers just a bit. Personalize them so that everyone know's whose is whose. You could create the embellishments to all be different colors, or patterns. Or you could make them large enough to write a first initial on each one.
s'more kit by Laura Williams, for
To create a little flag, I trimmed a diamond shape from patterned paper, folded it, and glued it around the end of a skewer.  Then I added some matching string and tied a bow. 
smore kit and skewer by Laura Williams, for
I hope you'll be able to use these ideas to create some great fall treats before the weather gets too cold to be outside to play.  Then again. . .that's what the fire is for! So no matter the weather, brave the cold and go out for some festive fun!
smore kit by Laura Williams, for
smore kit by Laura Williams, created for


Lisa Lara said...

These are totally adorable. That's the cutest set too!

Jamiecrafts said...

i love it laura :)

Nancy Durant said...

OMG! Stinkin' cute! What a clever idea!

Susan aka Mimi said...

I love this idea and think your design is FABULOUS!!!! Why didn't we do this for our big cook out in NC???? Maybe we need them for our Christmas cookout - weather permitting! (We will have to do it during the day when the sun is out!)