Monday, August 20, 2018

How to Stamp Adorable Monsters for Handmade Crafts

It IS a good day to have a good day, isn't it? What an encouraging sentiment for a kid or adult who's heading to school - or finishing up the school year!  The Eyes on You stamp set, with these adorable monsters could be geared a bit more for Halloween, but I wanted to give it a different spin - and don't they totally look like they're students from Monsters University?! 

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To create this card, I used a lot of bits of Gel Press prints (I love to save pieces of prints I've made, that aren't quite right for what I'm doing - because eventually, they are perfect for what I'm doing! I just file them by color with my other cardstock scraps.) The only new print I made is the Turbo Teal background panel. Straight up Turbo Teal cardstock wasn't quite right, and this subtle print with a few streaks of Cosmic Grape was just right to tie my card together. 

Here's a TIP when using these sweet monsters on your own projects: You can adjust the height of the tall lanky monster, by doing some simple trimming. I shortened him up just a touch, so he would fit better on this card format, by cutting off the bottom part of his legs. I wanted to give him different color shoes anyway, so I restamped them on orange. But even if you don't want to restamp the shoes, just trim the "extra" portion of leg off and then reattach the shoes where they should be. (They are especially cute popped up on a foam square anyway!) 

Both monsters, and their accessories were stamped onto other Gel Press prints I had in my stash. I used a lot of bright florescent colors on this project which gives these monsters such personality, especially paired with their Monster Eyes and Spectacles!

I embossed my sentiment on black cardstock, and inked the edges, going for a chalkboard look. I matted it on Oatmeal Cookie cardstock which was embossed with the Barn Wall embossing folder.
Not gonna lie, I am totally in love with these monsters! They are the CUTEST. It was fun to give them some personality, and put them to use for a new purpose.  Thanks so much for stopping by today! xoxo

Supplies used on today's card:
Spectacle Fun (self-adhesive plastic glasses)


PatriciaStamps said...

So, so cute! I love these cards. I don't "do" Halloween but these little monsters can be used for so much. They just went in my shopping cart :)

Christine Chan said...

Goodness, load of cuteness here!
I don’t do Halloween too but this is totally a Monsters University! My kids were watching it over the weekend. I think these little guys will soon be visiting my home �� thanks for sharing all the tips! Love ❤️

Karen Schroeder said...

Laura, your card is so stinking cute!!! Love the spectacles!

Carrie Rhoades said...

I love how you shortened the tall guy!!! Thanks for a great tip! Now I have to stamp them on Gel Press prints! THANKS, you know you are one of my most favorite stampers!