Friday, October 5, 2018

Make an Elegant Christmas Card with Gold Embossing

Gold embossing makes a Christmas card extra elegant, doesn't it? I love pairing black or white with gold embossing, especially for handmade holiday cards. Today's Peace on Earth card also features a bright blue background that I printed on the Journey Gel Press. (You might remember a similar print that I made for these fall thank you cards. I made this print at the same time!)

I'll talk you through the process for this Christmas card, and share a few tips and techniques along the way. For a little information about how I made the blue background print, be sure to click over to the thank you card post for the whole scoop.
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How to create extra depth on layered cards:

I really wanted this card to create a scene. I love the images in this set, and it's fun to create a simple setting with the buildings, trees, and traveling wise men. Here are the steps I used to get started:

  1. Fold a card base and adhere panel of blue printed paper.
  2. Trim a white cardstock panel card-front sized, and die cut oval from the center.
  3. Emboss white cardstock. (It's important to do this AFTER die cutting the oval, or the embossed texture will smoosh back down!)
  4. Rub Gold PanPastel over texture, focusing mostly on the oval outline, to subtly accent the texture.
  5. Adhere white cardstock to base, using one OR two layers of foam tape. And that, my friends, is the first TIP to create extra depth. If you really want a thick layered card, don't be afraid to double layer foam squares.
  6. Play with stamped and cut images to create the scene. Experiment with tucking images behind and above layers, and create your scene. I tucked one side of the buildings behind the oval, and I added foam squares behind the tree, overlapping it with the buildings. Playing with the layers will help tie your images together.

elegant gold handmade christmas card idea with fun stampers journey stamps and dies, plus embossing techniques and layering tips and ideas for handmade cards #lauralooloo #christmascards #funstampersjourney #christmascrafts #cardmaking #stamping #diecutting
Can we talk about embossing for a minute? I have a few tips for you:

Embossing Tips

  1. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before you start embossing. It'll help remove anything oily or sticky from your hands. (Even the natural oils in your skin can affect embossing!) 
  2. Use a brand new sheet of cardstock, from the center of the pack, that you've likely not handled before.
  3. Before stamping, wipe cardstock with one of those fabulous anti-static pouches, if you have one. If not, try wiping your cardstock with a dryer sheet. OR if you have Colorless Blender PanPastel, sponge a little across cardstock. This will help resist stray flecks of embossing powder. (This is the method I use. I keep my Colorless Blender, and a sponge right in the drawer with my embossing supplies.)
  4. Keep a tiny paintbrush handy to brush away any stray flecks of embossing powder, before heat setting. 

I'd love to know, do you make Christmas cards each year? What's your go-to style? Crisp and elegant, colorful and bright, traditional, or do you go crazy with a funky style all your own? (Or maybe you try a little of everything, like me!) Happy crafting my friends! Christmas is coming!

Supplies for today's card:

Are you looking for more inspiration for holiday cards? Go check out my Pinterest board of holiday card ideas! You're sure to find something that will inspire your Christmas and Hanukkah card making! Thanks so much for stopping by today!! xoxo

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Karen Schroeder said...

OMG Laura! You hit it out of the park with your gorgeous card! Sorry about the baseball metaphor, but I'm a Milwaukee Brewers fan! Go Brewers!