Monday, September 17, 2018

4 Cards for Fall to Say Thank You

4 cards for fall to say thank you, by laura williams, including tips for mass-producing handmade card sets using the gel press, plus stamps and dies from fun stampers journey #handmade #mixedmedia #handmadecards #rubberstamp #cardsets #autumnDIY #fallcrafts
Creating handmade cards is especially fun during the autumn season because a.) the weather is changing and in much of the country you might be ready to cozy up indoors, b.) the season of celebrations and warm fuzzies is upon us - it's time to share some extra love and thanksgiving with those around us, and of course c.) cozy colors, cozy textures, leaves, and snowflakes - some of the best craft supplies out there are perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas!
Today I'd like to share a set of four cozy cards with you. These cards are easy to mass-produce so you have them handy for all the special people you want to share some extra love with. This card set would also make a wonderful gift for a teacher, friend, coworker, or anyone you'd like to say THANK YOU to. I love to create sets of cards, and I have some tips and tricks to share with you, if you'd like to create something similar. 

Time-saving Tips:

The most important time-saver in creating card sets, (whether you're making 4, 8, or 100) is to limit your supplies - if you need 47 colors of ink, 12 colors of cardstock, and 27 stamps, you WILL lose your mind.

The second most important tip is to do one step for all the cards at one time. For these cards, I chose a three-color palette, Pumpkin Bread, Summer Days, and Blue Lagoon. I folded card bases all at one time and then proceeded to the next step. This will save you time in the end.

Tips for mixed-media messiness:

 I love adding the aspect of mixed media messiness into mass-produced cards because it makes each card a little bit unique. To create the aqua colored panel, I used my Gel Press to make a unique print using FSJ Re-Inkers and the Wallpaper Stencil.

Gel Press Process:
-First, I dropped Re-Inkers onto the Gel Press, brayered them out, and pulled a print onto Whip Cream cardstock, to get a light aqua base color.
-Then I added more Re-Inkers to the press, laid the stencil down on top, gently pressed it in, and removed it.
-Then I laid my cardstock down and pulled another print.

I've found that less is more with Re-Inkers and adding more layers to achieve the desired intensity tends to work well for me. It's all about PLAYING!

I love the Wallpaper Stencil because it's an 8.5x11 stencil with four segments and four different patterns, so one print gives me a variety of background patterns, as you'll see when you look at each card in this set. I die cut all four of the rectangles from my print, choosing my favorite spots, and I still have lots of the sheet left over (so you'll probably be seeing it in other projects in the future!)

Finish-Them-Up Tips!

Remember my first tip? After all that mixed media, I did all the die-cutting. I die cut all the hearts, and leaves and then stamped/die cut my sentiments. That way I could sit down and just assemble everything. Don't be afraid to change up little details like accessories and finishing touches  - the cards don't have to be mirror images of each other, in order for them to coordinate. Keep the big elements the same, and the little differences make each card special.
Okay, you guys...bonus points if you know what's the same about all the colors I used on today's projects. Give up? All of these colors are part of Fun Stampers Journey Rich Sorbets color family. And this week it's our special showcase during FSJ's Crush on Color Sale. Check out all the details on this week's Rich Sorbets Bundle, at Fun Stampers Journey! And if you have questions about my projects, shoot me an email, leave me a comment, or track me down on social media! ;) Thanks so much for stopping by today! xoxo

Supplies Used on Today's Projects:
My Sunshine Die Set (DI-0504)

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