Friday, December 14, 2018

How to Make Fluttering Hearts Mixed Media Cards

Hello friends! I've been playing with two of my favorite crafting tools - the Journey Gel Press and the FSJ Scoring Board, and I'm excited to show you the mini card set and coordinating box I made! This set has four cards, plus a coordinating box that the cards fit into, and both the cards and the box were decorated with Gel Press prints. 

This project began with two prints using not only the Gel Press, but also the Fluttering Hearts Gel Impressions Plate. The Impressions Plate is just like the Gel Press, but it has a raised heart pattern. You can use it on it's own, or along with the Gel Press. Today I'll show you how! 

The picture below shows the first print that I made. Here's how to create it:

  1. Drop dots of Re-Inker onto the Gel Press to make four lines, one of each color: Limeade Splash, Turbo Teal, Pool Play, Lavender Fusion. Brayer colors to blend and spread.
  2. Splatter Gel Press with Sparkle Silk. (of course!)
  3. Lay Fluttering Hearts Plate facedown onto Gel Press. Gently smooth hand over plate to be sure raised hearts make contact with the press. Carefully lift Fluttering Hearts plate and lay onto Whip Cream cardstock, like a giant stamp. (Or lay cardstock on top of plate and pull a print. Whichever method seems easier to you!)

And that my friends, is your first print. A portion of this print will be adhered to the cover of your box.
Next, we still have that beautiful Gel Press sitting there covered in ink. 
  1. Pull a print from that, and it'll show something similar, but almost opposite of your first print. It'll have that gorgeous blended color background, with just a hint of the heart pattern. 
  2. Trim this print into four 3x3 pieces, and attach them to 4 mini 3.25x3.25" card bases. 
Cute, yes? And remember, you can use ANY four colors you want. Think about how the colors will blend into each other though - choose colors that will blend happily together. (That's why I didn't put green next to would have turned into mud!)

The box was EASY peasy to make because the FSJ Scoring Board has all the instructions right there on it. Just follow the instructions for the 3.75x3.75 envelope-box and then adhere a piece of that first print you made, right onto the front. So fun!

And of course you know there's a reason I'm posting THIS project today. TODAY only, this fabulous FSJ Gel Press Bundle is on sale. It includes everything I used to make today's prints, plus a few additional colors of Re-Inkers! Check it out over on the FSJ website! 

Looking for more inspiration with the Gel Press or the Scoring Board? Look no further! I got ya!

Supplies Used on Today's Project:

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