Monday, March 25, 2019

2 Creative Ways to Use Letter Stickers on Cards and Crafts

Hey friends! It's confession time - tell me...admit you have a drawer of half-used letter stickers of every color, texture, and size stashed in your craft supply? Tell me it isn't just ME.   If you do - you're in luck, because over on the FSJ blog we're sharing two fun ways to use up that stash of letter stickers! I thought I'd pop in here today too, and share a few additional photos of the projects I made for that post, plus I'll add a few more tips, tricks, and ramblings about the cards I created. 

If you're starting here, you may want to stop on over and check out our post at the FSJ blog - (but then don't forget to come back!)

Alright, so here we go. This THANK YOU card was so much fun to make, but it made me a little crazy until I found my way. I learned that imperfections can be totally perfect, and that's the way to go with this technique. I started out by painting the stickers before I attached them to my card - but I found that as I pulled the stickers up and they bent (even just slightly) the paint started to chip and crease. SO, therefore - I WENT WITH IT. And honestly, it was just one of those happy accidents because embracing a distressed look turned out totally awesome for this card! 

Now, onward to this rainbowed beauty! I absolutely LOVE the way this background turned out. Want to try it yourself? Here are the simple steps:
1. Apply lines of Liquid Color onto the Gel Press. I used a rainbow of colors, but you could also use two alternating colors and make a super cool striped background. 
2. Use a brayer to gently roll out the color until its just blended together. 
3. Pull a print on Whip Cream cardstock.
4. Try this process again and again and again because it's beautiful and you'll love it! ;) 

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