Thursday, September 3, 2020

Sending You Sunshine with Bold Watercolor and Pastels

Think about your elementary art class. Do you remember the fun project where you color hard with crayons and then watercolor over them? It was pure magic the way the crayon would resist the watercolor (especially if you used white crayon and dark colors of paint!) Today, my fine crafty friends I have the card maker version of that project and it is SO simple. Can I show you!? 

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Ideas for adding pastels and watercolor to handmade card making projects and crafts, with Jane Davenport products at Spellbinders Paper Arts #cardmaking #rubberstamps #watercolor
To begin this project, I stamped the beautiful orange blossom cluster from the Orange Blossom stamp set. (I would be remiss to tell you, I happened to see this set on sale in the Spellbinders shop.) 

After stamping the image, I used Jane Davenport's Power Pastels to loosely color the image - including white on the white flowers. That's an important part!  

Last, I grabbed the adorable petite palette of Watercolors Set Brights, also by Jane Davenport and brushed beautiful yellow watercolor over the whole image. Guess what happens? Just like that elementary art project, the pastels resist the paint and my white blossoms are STILL WHITE! And y'all, let me tell you - these watercolors are SO vibrant and the colors are just completely brilliant. I'm in love. 

After the project dried, I stamped the sentiment. (I got a new black ink pad, doesn't it look marvelous!?) 

Catch this quick little video to see this process in action:

One of the things I love about mixed media products, like Jane's variety of pastels and paints, is that there are so many fun ways to add COLOR. 

For the next Orange Blossom project, I used Jane's AquaPastels. What are AquaPastels, you might ask? Please, let me tell you - because they are like MAGIC. They're lovely little crayons that are super fun to scribble with. 

Add a little bit of color to an image, like I did to create these lemons. (Did you notice I took oranges and made them lemons?) Then, add just a slight swish of water and MAGIC (yep, more magic) it blends the scribbles into watercolor. After that, I went back over it and added one more layer of scribble to the lemons and leaves. 

Click to see a fun watercolor lemon card using stamps from Spellbinders and watercolor crayons from Jane Davenport, called AquaCrayons. #cardmaking #mixedmedia #janedavenport

Adding these fun products to handmade cards can be a little intimidating but it's so much fun. It doesn't have to be messy and busy and lots of work. These one layer cards are simple and crisp but have a fun pop of these colorful, bold products from Jane Davenport. 

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention. . . .there's a whole bunch of JANE on sale in the Spellbinders shop beginning today so it's kind of the perfect time to take the plunge and add some COLOR to your craft stash. I think you'll just love Jane's array of watercolor tins, pastels, chalks, and more. 

Supplies used on today's projects:

Orange Blossoms red rubber stamp set from Spellbinders

(I didn't use it today but there's also a coordinating die set)

Watercolors Set Brights from Jane Davenport

Jane Davenport Power Pastels

AquaPastels Watercolor Crayons from Jane Davenport

Looking for more Jane? 

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